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One small business owner salary is not enough. Pay yourself three!

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For a small business owner salary is sometimes the last thing on their mind. They  barely pay themselves one salary and yet I want to suggest they should be paying themselves three!

As a small business owner you relate to your business in many different ways. My mission today is to convince you to pay yourself for three of those ways. And, having done that, to show you how to calculate them.  Read More

What is the single most important attribute of successful entrepreneurs?

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What attribute do you think is the most important predictor of success as an entrepreneur?

Is it intellectual ability or courage? Is it imagination or ingenuity? What about flexibility or the ability to think on your feet? Is it skill or determination or resilience or tenacity? Is it purely the luck of draw that determines who survives, who thrives and who dies?
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What recording my second CD taught me about my business

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Last weekend I spent a captivating two days in the recording studio at Studio 301 in Sydney laying down the tracks for my second CD a Christmas Album.

When I say “my” CD that might be a slight exaggeration.  It is actually the second CD for me and a little less than sixty other delightful people who perform with Soulfood.

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Who sits in these three chairs in your business?

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You know the thing is, as far as your accounting needs go, the only difference between running a small business and a medium sized business is the number of transactions you have. You still need to know as much about accounting in a small business. You are bound by pretty much the same laws but you can’t afford and don’t really need to employ a full time specialist to look after each area.
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